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  • Collection of 11 large scale highly detailed color maps depicting the 7 Apollo landing sites. From: Department of the Interior United States Geological Survery. Geological Atlas of the Moon. Washington DC: U.S. Geological Survey, 1970-72. Housed in the original Department of the Interior United States Geological Survey envelops (Apollo 13 lacking envelope), Apollo 11-14 with explanatory text pamphlets.
  • paper, ink
Apollo 11: "Geologic Map of Apollo Landing Site 2 (Apollo 11). Part of Sabine D Region Southwestern Mare Tranquilitatis. Map I-619" by Maurice J. Grolier, 1970. 40¾ by 24 inches. SIGNED "BUZZ ALDRIN APOLLO XI" "'ROGER TRANQUILITY, COPY YOU ON THE GROUND!' CHARLIE DUKE APOLLO 11 CAPCOM", "BRUCE MCCANDLESS APOLLO 'EVA' CAPCOM [FLOURISH]"

Apollo 12: "Geologic Map of the Lansberg P Region of the Mpoon. Lunar Orbiter Site III P-9 Oceanus Procellarum Including Apollo Landing Site 7 (Apollo 12). Map I-627" by H. A. Pohn, 1971. 41 by 28½ inches. SIGNED "ALAN BEAN APOLLO 12. OUR HOME, NOVEMBER 19 & 20, 1969."

Apollo 13: "Geologic Map of the Far Mauro Region of the Moon - Apollo 13" by R.E. Eggleston, 1970. 38¾ by 29 inches. SIGNED "FRED HAISE"

Apollo 14: "Geologic Map of Part of the Fra Mauro Region of the Moon. Apollo 14 Pre-Mission Map. Map I-708." by T.W. Offield, 1970. Sheet (1) 27 by 45½ inches, sheet (2) 40¾ by 22½ inches. SHEET 1 SIGNED & INSCRIBED "WE WENT TO THE MOON AS TECHNICIANS, WE RETURNED AS HUMANITARIANS. EDGAR MITCHELL, APOLLO 14 LMP"

Apollo 15: "Geologic Map of the Appenine-Hadley Region of the Moon. Apollo 15 Pre-Mission Map. Map I-723" by M.H. Carr and Farouk El-Baz. Sheet (1) 48 by 30 inches, sheet (2) 46 by 28 inches. SHEET 2 SIGNED "DAVE SCOTT. APOLLO 15 CDR".

Apollo 16: "Geologic Map of the Descartes Region of the Moon. Apollo 16 Pre-Mission Map. Map I-748" by Daniel J. Milton, 1972. Sheet (1) 37½ by 21 inches, sheet (2) 44 by 30 inches. SHEET 2 SIGNED & INSCRIBED: "WHAT A RIDE TO NORTH RAY. CHARLIE DUKE. APOLLO 16 LMP"

Apollo 17: "Geologic Map of the Taurus-Littrow Region of the Moon. Apollo 17 Pre-Mission Map. Map I-800" by David H. Scott, Baerbel Koesters, and M.H. Carr, 1972. Sheet (1) 46 by 25½ inches, sheet (2) 45 by 33 inches. SHEET 1 SIGNED "GENE CERNAN APOLLO XVII"

Catalogue Note

A spectacular collection of the extremely detailed geologic maps of the Apollo program landing sites done the United Stated Geological Survey, prepared in cooperation with the Manned Spacecraft Center and NASA, this set heightened by the signatures and inscriptions of astronauts that flew on the missions.