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  • The Equatorial belt of Mars with Olympus Mons visible, November 14, 1971-October 27, 1972
  • silver gelatin photographic print
4 silver gelatin prints of a hand mosaic, joined and mounted together, 17¾ by 80 inches. Framed.


Ex Robert H. "Steiny" Steinbacher, JPL scientist

Catalogue Note

AN INCREDIBLE IMAGE OF THE RED PLANET'S SURFACE, INCLUDING THE AREA EXPLORED BY THE MARS ROVER - TAKEN BY THE FIRST SPACECRAFT TO ORBIT ANOTHER PLANET.  A mosaic image, consisting of a belt completely encircling Mars, covering about half of the planet's surface. Major features shown include Olympus Mons, as well as Gale Crater, which was the landing site for the Curiosity Rover. 

Mariner IX was an unmanned spacecraft launched on May 30, 1971 with the purpose of exploring Mars. It reached the red planet on November 14th 1971, just ahead of the Soviet Mars 2 and 3 unmanned spacecrafts. After months of dust storms, it was finally able to send back clear images of the planet's surface, revealing an incredible rocky landscape reminiscent of the surface of the moon, complete with impact craters, canyons, valleys, volcanoes, and dry lake beds.