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A gem-set silver presentation cup and cover, Morozov, Petrograd, dated 1917

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  • silver, wood
the flared body applied at the front with the Imperial eagle, the reverse with the civic arms of Petrograd above engraved inscription in French 'The Duma of Petrograd/ to S[on].E[xcellence].M[onsieur].G[aston]. Doumergue/ 4/17 February 1917', above cabochon amethyst and moonstone-set stylised flowers, the lower body, base and lid with lobes, Imperial eagle finial, 84 standard, French import marks, in original wood box

Catalogue Note

The French politician Gaston Doumergue (1863-1937) was serving as Minister of Colonies when he was sent to Russia in February 1917 to discuss the progress of the war and French demands regarding the terms of peace to be imposed on Germany.  He was presented with this cup by the Duma just days before the start of the February Revolution and less than a month before the abdication of Nicholas II. 

During his time in Petrograd, he met both the Emperor and Empress.  According to the diaries of Maurice Paléologue, French Ambassador to Russia, 'She was particularly gracious to Doumergue and remarked at the conclusion of their talk: "Prussia must be punished!"' and 'Nicholas II cannot help liking him for his candour and friendly simplicity.'  Upon Doumergue's departure on 21 February, Paléologue told him, 'Please tell the President of the Republic... that you have left me very anxious. A revolutionary crisis is at hand in Russia.'