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A Nurata Susani, Uzbekistan

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  • Wool, pile
  • Nuratai: 157 by 120cm; 5ft. 1in., 3ft. 9in. Shakhrisabz: 156 by 120cm; 5ft. 1in., 3ft. 9in.
with a stitched inscription of a Persian poem (not every word deciphered) in mathnavi form possibly by ‘Abd al-Qadir Dehlavi (1642-1720), whose pen-name Bidel appears in the last verse before the date: Muharram 1254 (March-April 1838), original tablet braid and silk fringing, ikat edging on reverse, together with another Shakhrisabz susani, Uzbekistan, circa 1880 

Catalogue Note

The Nurata susani: colours: Red, orange red, pink, purple, pale green/blue abrashing to light turquoise blue, cobalt blue and sky blue, dark ivory, pale salmon, pale olive, (10), comprised of four panels, one narrower than the other, lined with linen, original tablet braid, silk fringing and striped ikat edging on reverse, with silk and cotton embroidery, densely embroidered in basma and kanko stitching.  

The inclusion of embroidered inscriptions and a date makes this susani an extremely rare example. Herrmann, E., Seltene Orientteppiche X, Munich, 1988, pp. 226 - 227, pl. 107, illustrates  a Bokhara susani with similar star medallion.