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  • Various Artists
  • A Collection of 16th-Century German Prints
  • 7 PRINTS - woodcuts and etchings
Group of Seven Wild Horses (B. 57; Holl. 239) by Hans Baldung. woodcut, 1534, a later impression, on paper with a Fleur De Lys watermark; with Allegorical Scene with Flemish Proverbs by Frans Huys, Cornelis Matsys (Holl. 34; See under P. Baltens, Holl. 6 for illus.), etching, circa 1550, presumably the first state (of two); with Christ Before Caiaphas by Lucas Cranach the Elder (B., Holl. 13), woodcut, 1509; with Gottvater Troend: Blad ur Schedels Weltchronik, and Adam and Eve (with Cain and Abel) (Weltkronik), woodcuts by Michael Wohlgemuth, circa 1493; with Portrait of Dürer by Erhard Schön (Holl. appx. 32), woodcut, 1528, on paper with an indistinct watermark; and St Bridget Takes Over the rules of the Order from Revelaciones Sancta Birgitte by Birgittenmeister, woodcut, 1500