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Gustave Le Gray

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  • Gustave Le Gray
  • Mer Méditerranée - Cette (Sète), 1857
  • photograph and album
  • Image 12  1/4  x 16 in., card 16 x 22  3/8  in., album 28  1/2  x 22 x 3 in.
    (Image 31,2 x 40,9 cm, carton 40,7 x 57 cm, album 72,5 x 56 x 8 cm)
Albumen print from collodion glass negative, flush-mounted to original card. Signature stamp in the lower right corner. Flush-mounted to album page. Together with the album.


Roger Magnus Eugen Curt Björnstjerna (1827-1910) by descendants,
Bukowskis Stockholm, December 2016, sale 597


Sylvie Aubenas (dir.), Gustave Le Gray, 1820-1884, Paris, Bibliothèque national de France, 2002, ill. p 146.

Catalogue Note

The following lots 101-103 is a set of three albums made by the Swedish general Roger Björnstjerna (1827- 1910) who travelled around Europe between 1857 - 1859 with his companion Reuterskiöld and brought several photographs and gravures representing the cities he went to so such as Geneva and Paris. The prints are very diverse. His route is illustrated in an annotated map of Europe, and he also added his portrait and business cards of people he met in each city. In these albums, three extraordinary prints of Gustave Le Gray were found. Having been preserved in these album since they were purchased during this trip, they have not seen the light of day and therefore are in an exceptional condition.

Each album is following Roger Magnus Eugen Curt Björnstjerna (1827-1910) journey across Europe. Engravings are mostly illustrating his expedition. In cities where photography was already fashionable such as Paris, Florence or Rome, he also purchased images from photographic studios that started selling commercial prints. Therefore there are views by Edouard Baldus, Robert Macpherson, Fratelli Alinari among others.

In this album:
Views of Rome by Robert MacPherson
Several views of Florence by Fratelli Alinari
Reproduction of works of art by Giacomo Brogi
Views of Genoa, Venice, Lugano by unidentified photographers
View of Cologne by F. C. Eisen
Vues de Firshill