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Salvator Rosa

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  • Salvator Rosa
  • An animal nursing a child while a second child and a seated man look on, possibly a scene from the lives of Romulus and Remus
  • Red chalk, within traces of black chalk framing lines


Probably Queen Christina;
thence by inheritance to Decio Cardinal Azzolini and Marchese Pompeo Azzolini;
Prince Livio Odescalchi;
thence by descent to Prince Ladislao Odescalchi;
with Galerie Gerda Bassenge, Berlin 1974


M. Mahoney, The Drawings of Salvator Rosa, New York and London 1977, vol. I, p. 674, cat. no. 79.6, reproduced vol. II

Catalogue Note

Mahoney places the present work within a relatively late group of compositional studies for subjects including Romulus and Remus, Milo of Crotona, Jonah and the Whale and Jacob watering Laban's flock.Dating this group to circa 1666, Mahoney tentatively suggests the subject portrayed in the present work as being that of Romulus and Remus, though he also points out that Sir Anthony Blunt suggested it might possibly relate to the Nursing of Cyrus.2

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