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Circle of Perino del Vaga

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  • Circle of Perino del Vaga
  • Design for a triangular section of a ceiling decoration with grotesques and a landscape with a Roman ruin
  • Pen and brown ink and wash; 
    bears old inscription in pen and brown ink, verso: Io aucuno.....confece/anc...recente..../che si confiar di.......


With P. & D. Colnaghi, London;
Lodewijk Houthakker (L.3893)


Nijmegen, Nijmeegs Museum 'Commanderie van Sant Jan', and Haarlem, Vleeshal Grote Markt, Wanden en Plafonds. Tekeningen uit de verzameling Lodewijk Houthakker, 1985, no. 9


P. Fuhring, Design into Art. Drawings for Architecture and Ornament. The Lodewijk Houthakker Collection, London 1989, p. 165, no. 130, reproduced fig. 130

Catalogue Note

This design for a frescoed decoration of a vaulted room has been associated by Peter Fuhring with a drawing in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle,also cut to a triangular shape and with the same decorative elements, perhaps executed for the same project.  Along with other similar sheets at Windsor, that drawing was tentatively ascribed by A.E. Popham to Giovanni da Udine, but was also catalogued by Anthony Blunt, in his supplement to the catalogue of Italian Drawings, as Follower of Perino del Vaga.2  More recently, as observed by Peter Fuhring, the drawing at Windsor was associated with Marco Marchetti da Faenza (?-1588), an attribution he rightly found not entirely satisfactory.  A plausible alternative attribution to Luzio Romano (active 1528-1575) has, however, been suggested by Bert Meijer.

1. Windsor Castle, Royal Collection, inv. no. 10881
2. A. Blunt, Supplements to the catalogues of Italian and French Drawings with a history of the Royal Collection of drawings, London and New York 1971, p. 125, no. 480