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A group of sixteen various medals, fifteen related to the Heineken family and the city of Bremen,, 18th/19th century

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  • Metal
Comprising of: A silver medal commemorating Johann Heineken (1761-1851) by Wilkens, Bremen, dated 1833, diam. 50mm; two identical silver medals and a similar one for Simon Hermann Post (1724- 1808), dated 1803 and 1801, diam. 44mm, 41mm; a silver medal for the physicist and astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Matthias Olbers (1758–1840), dated 1830, 50mm; a silver medal for the ‘Groeningio’ college of senators and merchants of Bremen, dated 1804, diam. 56mm; a silver medal for a Bremen society, dated 1763, diam. 47mm; two identical silver medals celebrating the jubilee of the marriage of Daniel Weitsel and Gesa Meiers by P.H. Gödecke, dated 1758, diam. 35mm; two identical silvered metal medals of the ‚Nordwestdeutsche Gewerbe- & Industrieausstellung‘, Bremen 1890, diam. 50mm; two bronze medals for the Bremen mayor Dr. Johann Schmidt, dated 1821 and 1843, 50,5mm; a bronze medal for the Bremen senate, ca. 1843, 50,5mm; and an ecclesial bronze medal, dated 1842, 44mm, five medals with cases; together with a silver medal celebrating the 50th year marriage of the Cologne banker Gerhard Edler von Meinerzhagen and Sarah Elisabeth Schluiter, dated 1761, diam. 49mm; five medals with cases (16)

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