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Dickens, Charles

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  • The Works. London: Chapman & Hall, 1906–1908
  • leather, ink,paper
40 volumes, 8vo (8 7/8 x 5 7/8 in.; 226 x 150 mm). Title-pages printed in red and back with woodcut vignette incorporating the author's initials, additional pictorial title-pages, frontispieces, engraved and woodcut plates from the original editions, and other illustrations and facsimiles on india paper mounted with lettered tissue-guards; very occasional scattered marginal foxing, a number of original parts wrappers used as illustrations in various volumes browned and offset to facing pages. Crushed blue morocco Kelliegram bindings by Kelly & Sons, the front covers each with a central polychrome morocco onlay of a Dickensian character (including Mr. Pickwick, Sam Weller, Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby, Little Nell, Quilp, Martin Chuzzlewit, Sairey Gamp, Mr. Fezziwig, David Copperfield, Aunt Betsey Trotwood, and Pip) within a double gilt-fillet border, spines gilt in six compartments, wide turn-ins gilt with a French fillet, green silk linings, all edges gilt; slightest rubbing to a few extremities.

Catalogue Note

National Edition, one of 750 sets, signed on the limitation statement in the first volume by three of Dickens's children ("A. Tennyson Dickens"; "Henry F. Dickens"; "Kate Perugini").

A Splendid Set. Extensively extra-illustrated with the insertion of original letters and documents by Dickens and his illustrators and other contemporaries. Vol. I: Autograph letter signed by Dickens ("Charles Dickens"), 1 page on a bifolium of blue paper, Villa des Moulineaux, Boulogne Sur Mer, 9 June 1856, to Lord Townshend, requesting that he support a petition to the House of Lords seeking advantages for Dulwich College. Apparently unpublished and unrecorded, although the Letters, ed. Storey & Tillotson, allude to a similar letter of the same date to Lord Lyttelton (8:134) — An engraved check accomplished and signed by Dickens, 11 November 1863, drawn on Coutts & Co. for £57 — A clipped signature of Dickens.

Vol. II: An engraved check accomplished and signed by Dickens, 15 August 1868, drawn on Coutts & Co. in favor of Alfred Tennyson Dickens at Melbourne for £50 — Autograph letter signed by George Cruikshank, 2 pages, Trafalger House, 8 March 1865, to John Camden Hotten. Vol. III: An engraved check accomplished and signed by Dickens, 2 February 1866, drawn on Coutts & Co. in favor of Fortnum & Mason for £27.2.2 — Autograph letter signed by Thomas Talfourd, the dedicatee of The Pickwick Papers, 1 1/2 pages, Temple, 21 February 1838, to Thomas Brown at the Garrick Club — Autograph letter signed by Charles Dickens Jr., 1 page on mourning letterhead of All the Year Round, London, 19 November 1870, regretting that he can not supply his father's autograph. Vol. IV: Autograph letter signed by John Leech, 1 page, Notting Hill, 6 March 1852. Vol. V: An engraved portrait of George Cruikshank signed by him.

Vol. VI: Autograph letter signed by Daniel Maclise, 1 page, Chelsea, 26 October 1863, to David Roberts. Vol. VIII: Autograph letter signed by George Cattermole, 1 page, 19 December 1862, to William Vokins. Vol. XII: Autograph sentiment by Charles Dickens, "Faithfully yours Charles Dickens, Twenty Eighth January 1842. Tremont House, Boston." Vol. XVI: Autograph letter signed by Sir Edward Landseer, 4 pages, no place or date, to Mrs. Talfourd — Autograph letter signed by Sir John Tenniel, 3 pages, London, 11 May 1892, to John F. Boyer. Vol. XVII: Autograph manuscript signed by Thomas Carlyle, the dedicatee of Hard Times, being a list of persons whose autographs he is to obtain for a friend, including Charles Dickens, John Forster, and William Mcready. Vol. XVIII: Autograph letter signed by Hablot K. Browne, 2 pages, London, 7 June 1857, regarding the exhibition of a picture of his.

Vol. XXI: Autograph letter signed by Charles Dickens Jr., 1 page on letterhead of All the Year Round, London, 6 June 188, regarding reprints of his father's works. XXIV: Autograph letter signed by Clarkson Stanfield, the dedicatee of Little Dorrit, 1 page, no place, 25 June, no year, scheduling a dinner. Vol. XXV: Autograph letter signed by William Powell Frith, London, 20 May 1885, regarding the "abominable conduct of a Royal Academy student. Vol. XXIX: Autograph letter signed by Marcus Stone. 1 page, London, 9 December 1841, explaining that he is "a very slow producer , & have a habit of having only one work on hand. … I never show my work when in progress." Vol. XXXIII: Autograph letter signed by Samuel Rogers, the dedicatee of Master Humphrey's Clock, 1 page, not place or date, requesting a copy of Jefferson's Memoirs. Vol. XXXVI: Autograph letter signed by Wilkie Collins, mourning the death of his dog, "my old friend" "after sixteen years of companionship."

Vol. XXXVII: Autograph letter signed by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1 page, Copped Hall, Totteridge, 27 June 1863, extending an invitation to "come down with Dickens & a few others friends July 20th by 5.5. train." — Autograph letter signed by Kate Dickens Perugini, 2 pages, London, 28 November 1911, to Mr. Hinkley, asking him to forward a letter to her brother. Vol. XXXVIII: Autograph sentiment signed by Edmund Yates, London, 22 November 1886 — Autograph transcription by Alfred Tennyson of his sonnet "Lines on Macready's Farewell" read by John Forster at the Macready banquet — Autograph letter signed by William Macready, 3 pages, London, 16 September 1861, to a Mrs. Stewart, discussing the dramatic arts. Vol. XXXIX: Autograph letter signed by John Forster, 1 page on mourning paper, with original envelope, London, 2 July 1869, to John B. Karslake. Vol. XL: A printed ticket on yellow paper for a reserved seat at Dickens's reading at Tremont Temple, Boston, 2 April 1868.