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Tiffany Studios

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  • Tiffany Studios
  • “Poppy” Chandelier
  • shade impressed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 1597
  • leaded glass and patinated bronze


Private Collection, Saco, Maine, circa 1910
Thence by descent

Catalogue Note

The present “Poppy” lamp shade model is among Tiffany’s most artistic and complex floral designs.  Its depiction of the entire poppy plant from root to blossom demonstrates the influence of the 19th Century interest in cataloguing flora and fauna.  The composition is painterly and highly naturalistic, with poppy blossoms bending this way and that, densely layered and foreshortened, creating a pictorial illusion of the flowerbed receding into space.

The naturalism and dimensionality of the shade’s composition is heightened by the its incredible glass selection.  In this Poppy the glass selector has articulated the blossoms in a range of brilliant reds, from deep maroon and crimson to softer tones delicately layered in white, as if to suggest sun-dappled light on the petals.  Lush leaves and stems depicted in rich emeralds, moss, and fern greens provide a dramatic contrast to the warm reds of the blossoms. The background passages display an extraordinary transition in hues commencing at the bottom with rich earth-tones to intense cobalts and violets in the higher registers.