Lot 166
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England, Nottingham, second half 15th Century

250,000 - 350,000 USD
1,332,500 USD
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  • The Martyrdom Altarpiece
consisting of seven alabaster canopies and seven reliefs panel, from left to right including:

the standing figure of St. Stephen, the deacon saint holding three stones in his left hand and a book of gospels in his right;
the martyrdom of St. Stephen, with the kneeling saint holding a scroll in his hands surrounded by four figures throwing stones, the hand of God above ;
the martyrdom of St. Lawrence with the denuded saint chained to a gridiron over a fire stoked by two torturers, a scroll issuing from his mouth, and with three figures including the Emperor Valerian;
the Trinity with the enthroned figure of God the Father holding Christ Crucified between His knees and a basket of souls held between His wrists, four angels beneath;
the martyrdom of St. Erasmus, centered by Diocletian, sword in hand and flanked by two torturers, the saint clad in a loin cloth and laid out on a trestle table while being disemboweled;
the martyrdom of St. Thomas with the kneeling saint at prayer with four assailants around him;
the standing figure of St. Lawrence, the gridiron in his left hand, a book of gospels in his right