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Circle of Giovanni Antonio Canal, called Canaletto

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  • Circle of Giovanni Antonio Canal, called Canaletto
  • Venice, a view of the Grand Canal looking West towards the Church of the Santa Maria della Salute
  • oil on canvas
  •  20 3/8  by 30 1/2  in.; 51.7 by 77.5 cm.

Catalogue Note

This painting follows Canaletto's composition in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle, London. 1 The Windsor picture was one of the fourteen paintings by Canaletto from the collection of John Smith to be engraved by Antonio Visentini and published in 1735, thus providing a terminus ante quem for the design.

1. W.G. Constable and J.G. Links, Canaletto, Giovanni Antonio Canal 1697-1768, 2nd ed., Oxford 1989, vol. II, pp. 262-263, cat. no. 161, reproduce vol. II, plate 36, fig. 161.