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Utrecht School, circa 1625

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  • A pipe smoker
  • oil on canvas
  • 25 by 21 3/8  in.; 63.5 by 54.2 cm.

Catalogue Note

This work follows the tradition of depicting half-length men smoking pipes, which was popularized by Utrecht painters like Dirck van Baburen and Gerrit van Honthorst. The compositional type was introduced into Utrecht painting sometime after 1621, which coincided with Baburen's return to the Netherlands from his important sojourn in Rome where he absorbed the new Realist style introduced by Caravaggio and later Bartolomeo Manfredi.  The focus on smoking here is especially interesting as commercial tobacco production had started in the province of Utrecht less than a decade earlier; in this painting the artist not only adapts the Caravaggesque style to fit with a Northern model and pose, but also and perhaps unwittingly points to the contemporary social and economic concerns of Utrecht.