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Spanish, second half 13th century

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  • Crucifix
  • polychrome wood
  • Spanish, second half 13th century


Private collection, Lisbon, Portugal

Catalogue Note

This life-size sculpture of the crucified Christ would have been displayed between the choir and the nave of a church, the space reserved for the congregation, and it would have provided a dramatic focal point for the faithful. The Spanish medieval tradition of representing Christ was focused on realism; sculptors used flesh tones and often accentuated Christ’s wounds to induce greater emotion in the viewer. Here, the figure, with drooping head, closed eyes, and limp body, emphasizes Christ's humanity and suffering. This particular treatment gained currency around in the 13th century, in contrast to more upright and triumphant representations of Christ on the cross of earlier centuries.

Paul Thoby, Le Crucifix des origines au Concile de Trent: Etude iconographique, Nantes, 1959