Lot 1784
  • 1784

World Auction Record Price-per-carat for a Fancy Intense Blue DiamondA Fancy Intense Blue Diamond and Diamond Ring

30,000,000 - 40,000,000 HKD
37,225,000 HKD
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  • Diamond, White Gold
Set with an emerald-cut fancy intense blue diamond weighing 3.13 carats, flanked by two step-cut diamonds, to the circular-cut diamond-set oval band, the diamonds weighing approximately 2.50 carats in total, mounted in white gold. Ring size: 5¼

Catalogue Note

Accompanied by GIA portrait report numbered 10095242, dated 13 December 2016, stating that the 3.13 carat diamond is natural, Fancy Intense Blue Colour, Internally Flawless; also accompanied by diamond type classification report stating that the diamond is determined to be a Type IIb diamond.


Mirror of the Sky

Blue diamonds bear the most spectacular and enchanting hue with their serene and tranquil shades of the sky. What makes these fascinating gems a true rarity is the combination of various dynamic yet sophisticated conditions; an uncontrollable force of nature that is perfected through the pinnacle of craftsmanship.

According to a GIA study, only 0.3% out of all the coloured diamonds submitted to the laboratory are predominantly blue, and a mere 10% of these exceptional discoveries would be larger than a carat. The natural exclusivity of these precious gemstones have only flamed the passionate desires of the connoisseurs throughout the centuries.

The legendary 45.52 carat Hope Diamond was professedly unearthed from the famed Golconda mines to reveal its glory, enticing the imaginations of many. True objects of desire, these remarkable and fascinating gemstones have repeatedly achieved record-breaking prices. Recently the 12.03 carat 'Blue Moon of Josephine' offered by Sotheby's Geneva in November 2015 set a new world auction record for any gemstone per carat, fetching a stunning US$4 million per carat.

Blue diamond's truly charming colour is often due to traces of boron in the crystal structure, placing these blue diamonds as Type IIb in the diamond type classification system. Due to this condition, faceting process demands extreme care and precision, as a result of the asymmetry of carbon atoms in Type IIb diamonds. There is zero tolerance for miscalculation; any minute error would result in a loss of colour and destruction of the beauty.

Lot 1784 offered here stands as a proud masterpiece that has been gifted with the hues of the sky and sea, perfected through an emerald-cut that is bold and distinctive – an attractive and even colour distribution only realised through savoir-faire craftsmanship.  This internally flawless 3.13 carat fancy intense blue diamond, dazzling in its magnificent charm, is a genuine classic, certainly not to be missed by the most discerning collectors.