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Albrecht V, Herzog von Bayern

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  • Bairische Landtsordnung. (Ingolstadt): [Samuel and Alexander Weissenhorn], 1553, hand-coloured woodcut title-page with title printed in red, printed in red and black, hand-coloured woodcut illustrations including 3 folding woodcut plates of fish
  • Paper
Erclärung des Landsfreihait in Obern unnd Nidern Bairn. (Munich): [Andreas Schobser], 1553, hand-coloured woodcut title-page, printed in red and black, without blank leaf A8 and final blank

Declaration unnd erleütterung etliches in Jüngst Bairischer aufgerichter Policeiordinung begriffner Articul im 1557 Jar ausganngen. (Munich): [Andreas Schobser], (12 May 1557), hand-coloured woodcut title-page, printed in red and black

3 works in one volume, folio (285 x 190mm.), later vellum with the arms of Bavaria stamped on upper cover, slipcase, first 2 title-pages cut close, first title-page tipped in


Simon BG 164; Nissen ZBI 4570; VD16 B1034, B1027 & B1024

Catalogue Note

The three woodcut plates of fish accompany the regulations about fishing in the Danube and its tributaries; these are thought to be THE EARLIEST LIFE-SIZE REPRESENTATIONS OF FISH. The other subjects covered in the Bavarian Landsordnung include capital crimes, civil law, trade and commerce, Jews, gypsies, the Church, musicians, public health, beer and wine.