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Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo: An American Silver, Enamel And Gem-Set Viking Style Vase, Designed By Paulding Farnham For Tiffany & Co., New York, 1901

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  • marked on base and numbered 14681-3674, inside base rim with beaver mark for the Buffalo Exposition
  • Enamel, Silver, Hardstone
the body and embossed and chased with Celtic knots and stylized fox masks on colored enamel grounds, set with faceted citrines and cabochon tourmalines and peridots, the pierced rim applied with toothy dragon heads


Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, NY, 1901

Catalogue Note

Paulding Farnham won gold medals at the great fairs of 1893, 1900, and 1901.  The last would prove to be his swan song, as Louis Comfort Tiffany took control of Tiffany & Co. the following year and Farnham's influence gradually declined.

Viking-style pieces were a major feature of Tiffany's display at Buffalo.  Farnham had experimented with Celtic motifs for World's Fair showstoppers as early as 1893, in the great silver and iron Viking punch bowl for Chicago now in the Metropolitan Museum. A Viking jewel box and Viking vase were shown at Paris in 1900, and the style would be even more featured the following.

In addition to the offered vase, Tiffany displayed a three-piece Viking coffee service with zircons and hessonite garnets, now in the Newark Museum, as well as a wide-mouthed Viking vase with opals (for both see John Loring, Magnificent Tiffany Silver, pp. 206-207); both of these pieces were also shown at the Turin Exposition of 1902.  The Dallas Museum of Art recently acquired an 8-inch Viking vase created by Farnham for Buffalo, set with citrines and garnets.