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An American bronze Statue of Liberty Hanukah lamp, Manfred Anson, New Jersey, 1986

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  • Signed "M. ANSON 39" on back of shamash, one sconce stamped "Made in U.S.A."
  • bronze
of tree form with baluster stem, the sconces each in the form of the Statue of Liberty and entitled "Exodus of Egypt, Babylonian Exile 597-538 BCE, Judah Maccabee 168 BCE, 2 Revolts Against Rome 68-70 CE, 132-135 CE (these dates engraved on reverse side), Galut, Herzl Zionist Congress Basel 1897, Holocaust 1939-1945, Israel 1948", the detachable servant light engraved 1886-1986, eagle finial

Catalogue Note

The individual statues were cast from 19th century souvenirs used to raise money for the Bertholdi Fund to provide the base for the statue. Fifty-two of these menorahs have been made in bronze since 1986 and three in silver.  Examples of this well-known lamp are in many public collections, and one is on the cover of the catalog of the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles. 

Manfred Anson escaped Nazi Germany with the help of the Australian Jewish community and later emigrated to the United States.  This lamp was purchased directly from him and it is accompanied by a photograph of the lamp, signed by Manfred and with a note to "Dear Adrienne - a memento of your visit to our home," also signed Manfred, and a photograph of Manfred with the consignor's mother.