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  • A fully operational four-rotor ("M4") Kriegsmarine Enigma Cipher Machine. Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany, Heimsoeth und Rinke, 1944.
Four-rotor ("M4") Kriegsmarine Enigma cipher machine, serial number M77772, complete with Gamma rotor (M6927), 3 aluminum rotors (I, II, & V) with matching serial numbers (M8264), and C reflector (M18345), each rotor with 26 positions labeled with letters. Housed in the original oak case with metal handle (13½ X 11 X 6¼ in.), hinged front panel opening to reveal ebonite Steckerbrett [plug-board], outside of case and inside of lid with matching metal plates reading "M 7772." Control panel with standard raised "QWERTZ" keyboard of 26 Bakelite keys in white on black backgrounds, lockable rotor cover, battery compartment and 4V power socket, keyboard with manufacturer's metal label reading "M77772/JLA/44," removable light panel with letters A-Z lifting to reveal 26 light bulbs, Steckerbrett with 12 original patch cables (8 plugged into the Steckerbrett and 4 stored in lid of case), lid with 10 spare bulbs, green contrast filter, spare patch cables, and original paper instruction label with serial number in manuscript. WITH: Original German naval telegraph key, and two facsimile user manuals.