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  • A fully operational early three-rotor Enigma I cipher machine. Berlin, Heimsoeth und Rinke, early 1930s.
Early 3-rotor Enigma I cipher machine, serial number 1024, complete with reflector and 3 aluminum rotors (I, II, and III) all with matching serial numbers (A1024), each rotor with 26 positions labeled with numbers, housed in the original oak case (13¼ x 11 x 6½ in.) with leather handle, case with hinged front panel stamped "ENIGMA" and "Klappe Schleissen" opening to reveal Steckerbrett. Control panel with standard raised "QWERTZ" keyboard of 26 glass and metal keys with white on black backgrounds, light panel with letters A-Z and hinged rotor cover lifting to reveal 26 light bulbs, reflector & rotor compartment, and battery compartment, ebonite Steckerbrett (plug-board) and 12 patch-cables (10 plugged into Steckerbrett and 2 spares stored in lid of case), lid with 10 spare bulbs, green contrast filter, spare patch-cables, and instructions printed on metal plate ("Zur Beachtung!") Split in oak at lid, glass on key "Q" cracked, otherwise in excellent condition. WITH: A 1934 German Ta.P. Baumster Telegraph key and 2 facsimile Enigma operating manuals.