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Château Margaux 1996
Margaux, 1er Cru Classé
Lot 7471: Banded prior to inspection, Lot 7472: Banded prior to inspection, Lot 7473: Banded prior to inspection, Lot 7480: Slightly scuffed capsules by case dividers, otherwise very good general appearance, Lot 7481: 6 bts - Banded prior to inspection, 6 bts - Banded prior to inspection

Immensely intense, aromatic nose of great complexity and concentration. You go right to the heart of it with one sniff. Multi-layered and dimensional. Pure class. Totally focussed. The Cabernet Sauvignon has real nobility in this vintage. Massive berry density on the palate. Majestic Margaux. Spiced plum liqueur on the finish. In 2015, the depth is extraordinary and the impact thrilling. Serena Sutcliffe, MW
WA 99
7471:12 bts (owc)
7472:12 bts (owc)
7473:12 bts (owc)
7474:12 bts (owc)
7475:12 bts (owc)
7476:12 bts (owc)
7477:12 bts (owc)
7478:12 bts (owc)
7479:12 bts (owc)
7480:12 bts (owc)
7481:12 bts (2 owc)

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