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Tiffany Studios

50,000 - 70,000 USD
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  • Tiffany Studios
  • "Dragonfly" Table Lamp
  • base impressed TIFFANY STUDIOS/NEW YORK/362/S175 and impressed 4
  • leaded glass and patinated bronze

Catalogue Note

Clara Driscoll’s role in designing a leaded dragonfly shade that was shown at the Tiffany Gallery in London in 1899 is well known.  However, that lamp was quite different from the present model, which was probably introduced a year or two later.  Whereas the earlier lamp was octagonal, with a different, fairly complex design for each panel, this conical shade was far simpler.  It is a repetitive design of the same insect, posed flat with the wings overlapping.  And the background is made of fewer, large panes of glass.  On the other hand, when this new design was instituted, there was no slackening of standards.  Quite the contrary.  In particular, this early shade—which is wholly unmarked—has a wonderful and unusual selection of glass, something rarely encountered once the model was well in production.  It is all rippled glass and the colors are brilliant like gem stones, with the clear glass background sparkling like diamonds.  The bronze base has, as well, early set of marks.

—Martin Eidelberg