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Gianni Ruffi

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  • Gianni Ruffi
  • 'La Cova' Relax Unit
  • felt, steel, wood, with upholstered cushions


Acquired directly from the producer by the present owner circa 1980


Giuliana Gramigna, 1950/1980 REPERTORY, Pictures and Ideas Regarding the History of Italian Furniture, Milan, 1985, p. 381

Catalogue Note

Born in 1938, Gianni Ruffi was part of the Italian Radical Design movement – or Scuola di Pistoia - of the 1960s and 1970s alongside Umberto Buscioni, Roberto Barni and the architect Adolfo Natalini. With an urge to break from mainstream and preconceived artistic patterns, the group introduced their own values and identities within a Pop Art context. Gianni Ruffi, for one, created works which revolved around a rich array of plays on words and double meanings. Playful, and at times nonsensical, the group ceased to work together in 1968, but each artist, designer and architect continued their own individual line of work.

In a spontaneous and ludic manner, Gianni Ruffi`s `La Cova` - or `Nest` -  epitomises a reaction to an important sweep of Pop Art across the Western World at the time. Whilst others were incorporating absurd features into certain designs, such as oversized everyday objects or reinterpreting their context, Ruffi retaliates by creating a humorous design for something alternative to a sofa.