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Christian Astuguevieille

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  • Christian Astuguevieille
  • 'Moisart' Chair
  • painted rope, raffia

Catalogue Note

Designer, perfume maker, collector and explorer, Christian Astuguevieille`s work is multi-faceted, intense and reveals his talent for fusing culture, materials and personal handcraft.  Born into a protestant family in the Basque countryside, his palette of colours, materials and compositions underline an insatiable and very genuine curiosity that has earned him many collaborations. Often including and iterating his recognisable rope weavings, a technique reminiscent of Tribal Art, his work has a way of re-inventing itself, bearing a certain twist of ethnicity and exoticism. He has been quoted as saying ‘I love to mystify’. Christian Astuguevieille has also been creative director of perfume at Comme des Garçons since 1994.

The brown painted cotton cord Moisart chair with rafia 'skirt' is from 2015. Reflecting Astuguevieille’s ardent collecting and referencing of Tribal Art, from Oceania to Africa and various other parts of the world, his designed artefacts present themselves in a strong, honest materiality and cultural rawness.  This chair encapsulates a passion for the sensory world of Christian Astuguevieille through the combination and use of rustling yellow straw and coarse black cord – materials which connect the worlds of fashion and furniture design. Anchored in his identity and work lies his advocacy for all that nature has given to the senses to work with and rethink our living environment. Beyond the visual quality of the piece, this work is born into a haptic vocabulary that successfully blends a tangible sensory experience with one of earthy wooden smells and sounds.