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Hélène de Saint Lager

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  • Hélène de Saint Lager
  • Unique 'Table 9 flaques' Coffee Table
  • impressed HSL / 1/1 / FIGINI / fondeur
  • aluminium

Catalogue Note

Combining home, atelier and foundry into one creative space, Helene de Saint Lager works in Ivry-sur-Seine, on the outskirts of Paris. Her fascination with casting methods, in which she also includes sediments, plastic and acrylic objects, has made her specialise in the use of epoxy resin and metal in various casting techniques. Her processes result in furniture that is very much alive and dynamic whilst at the same time frozen in movement. They form three-dimensional paintings in which colour fuses with matter to give her pieces a unique depth.

Playing with the notion of gravity, the piece presents itself as a frozen moment in time of an upside down metal casting process. Nine streams of casting pour upwards and gather into a main table top surface, revealing all the qualities of raw cast metal.