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Ingo Maurer

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  • Ingo Maurer
  • 'Porca Miseria!' Chandelier
  • porcelain, metal
  • 120 x 107 x 95 cm (47  1/4  x 42  1/8  x 37  3/8  in.)


Bernhard Dessecker, ed., Ingo Maurer: Designing with Light, Munich, 2008, pp. 162-169 

Catalogue Note

Porca Miseria was initially conceived for the Villa Wacker on Lake Constance. The interiors of the 19th century villa were redesigned by German architect and designer Bruno Paul, one of the founders of Jugendstil. The interior of the kitchen called for something dynamic, forming the initial design for the present lot. Maurer initially titled the work Zabriskie Point as he was eminded of an explosive slow motion scene in Michelangelo Antonioni’s film of the same name. It was when the final work was exhibited at the Milan showroom of Spazio Krizia when an Italian gentleman proclaimed ‘Porca Miseria! Che fantastic, Ingo! Tu sei pazzo, geniale!’ Thus the abiding title of the work was born.

The process for constructing the work is a masterful combination of controlled disorder and free composition, a characteristic seen in many of Maurer’s designs: ‘Chance rules our life, much more than intention’. Time-consuming and requiring great consideration, each piece of porcelain must be broken and smoothed by hand before all of the rods are soldered. The composition of each object is then carefully and individually composed to create the most dramatic effect, making each work unique.