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Kam Tin

35,000 - 55,000 GBP
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  • Kam Tin
  • Special Edition Cabinet
  • with maker's brass roundel K
    from an edition of 2 in this finish
  • black / bronze patinated brass, pyrite

Catalogue Note

The Kam Tin story began with a turquoise-encrusted jewellery box, in which the family of Yin Zing Luk – founder of Kam Tin, hid their fortune during the war. This treasured object inspired Yin Zing and directed his later career into the world of semi-precious stones. He used them to decorate furniture he designed for a Chinese clientele fascinated with the symbolism of gemstones as a source of wealth and good fortune. Kam Tin pieces are often described as ‘meubles bijoux’ or jewellery furniture since the work involved during the creation process is extraordinarily detailed and each piece is encased with semi-precious stones. In this coffee table each turquoise stone has been hand selected, sourced directly from the mines in Arizona and applied by hand onto the brass mounting using the finest craftsmanship and innovative technologies.