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Stuart Haygarth

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  • Stuart Haygarth
  • Unique 'Lighthouse' Floor Lamp (Gold)
  • with brass plaque STUART HAYGARTH / 2009 / 1/1
  • plastic container tops, steel, glass

Catalogue Note

Elevating the commonplace or discarded object is a central tenet of Haygarth’s work. His exquisite designs and installations have employed the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life – from man-made debris washed up on the seashore to thousands of salvaged prescription spectacles. Creating order and symmetry out of randomness and waste, his work is as much about the process of collecting and collating materials as the elevation of these materials to objects of value or beauty. Light plays a critical part within many of Haygarth’s designs: ‘I’ve always been interested in lights and how light reacts to objects, goes through materials and atmospheres that can be created from lighting.’