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Silver Thorn Arm-Vine and Earring, Shaun Leane

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  • Silver
Coiling branches ascend from the hand and entwine the arm and shoulder, with a separate thorn ear-piece giving the illusion of briar growing through the head, length 34 inches.


Savage Beauty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 4 May - August 7, 2011 and Victoria & Albert Museum, 14 March - 2 August, 2015.

Catalogue Note

‘This piece was one of the first large-scale pieces I created. Sometimes Lee knew exactly what he wanted – in this case, a rose briar encircling and invading the body. I took this concept to represent nature reclaiming the body after death.’ S.L.

Created for Alexander McQueen's 'Dante' Collection, Autumn/Winter 1996-97.