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Pheasant Claw and Tahitian Pearl Collar, Shaun Leane

40,000 - 60,000 USD
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  • Tahitian Pearls, Silver & Pheasant Claws
Chain-link vertical choker band with 59 pheasant claws and 23 cascading fringes of 645 Tahitian pearls in shades of ivory through gray and black, maximum length 23 ½ inches.


Savage Beauty, Victoria & Albert Museum, 14 March - 2 August, 2015.


In good condition, with slight stickiness on the pheasant claws. Vertical choker band formed from chain-linked white metal strips with three clasps. Fifty-nine pheasant claws set with 23 cascading fringes of 645 Tahitian pearls ranging in shade from ivory to gray to black. Measuring approximately 23 ½ inches in length at maximum.
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Catalogue Note

‘When Lee first asked me to work with him in 1993, I was initially hesitant as my mindset was that of a traditional goldsmith. I couldn’t understand how we could afford to make jewellery for the shows as I normally worked with precious metals and diamonds. He was a student and I had just completed my apprenticeship – so how were we to afford it? I felt daunted but he believed that I could apply my skills to any medium to create ‘The Beautiful.’ He convinced me that we didn’t have to work in gold and diamonds, that we could use brass, aluminum, feathers and pearls. This was a turning point in my career as a craftsman and a designer – he had opened up my mind.’ S.L.

Created for Alexander McQueen's 'What a Merry Go Round,’ Autumn/Winter 2001-02.