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Yu Hui

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  • Yu Hui
  • Quail in Bamboo Grove & Tranquillity (set of two works)
  • signed
  • ink and colour on paper, framed
  • each: (i) 82 by 54 cm; 32¼ by 21¼ in. ; (ii) 66 by 67 cm; 26 by 26⅜ in.
each signed and marked with one seal of the artist


Browse & Darby, London
Acquired by the family of the present owners


Collection of Yu Hui's Flower and Bird Paintings, Rong Bao Zhai, Beijing, China, September 1991

Catalogue Note

 “When I have enough idle time to take up the brush and paint, I find the tenderness of nature undoubtedly permeates my soul. And as long as I can observe the small birds perching on branches under the setting sun, I can preserve the sentiment. At this stage I begin to paint my ideas.” – Yu Hui

Yu Hui, born in 1960 in Nanjing, studied gongbi (fine-line brush technique) painting with her father Yu Jigao, who is a renowned in China for his classical bird and flower paintings. In 1983 she received a BA degree from the Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Painting Institute, and graduated from the Academic Research department at the Art School of Peking University in 2006. Inspired by the refinement and rich colors of Song Dynasty (1127-1279) paintings, Yu Hui uses direct observations of nature to create delicate works in the pursuit of the subtlety and simplicity of classical court paintings.  

Quail in Bamboo Grove & Tranquillity mark the beginning of her bird and flower paintings, created in a traditional Chinese style combined with Neo-classicism and personal expression. The subject of bird and bamboo expresses the spirit of Chinese literati paintings, yet the unconventional composition – cropping the top of bamboos and leaves sprout from the ground – implies a modern transformation.