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Zhou Chunya

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  • Zhou Chunya
  • Peach Blossom
  • oil on canvas
signed in Chinese and Pinyin and dated 2013


European Collection 
Acquired by the present owner from the above

Catalogue Note

Peach blossoms were appearing in Zhou Chunya's works as early as 1997. By 2004, they had become the artist's subject for an important series of paintings. Peach Blossom Forest, completed in 2013 after nearly ten years of labour, is the most mature work of the entire series. From his Landscape series to Green Dog, Red Man, and finally Peach Blossom, Zhou has combined the language and principles of Western expressionism with traditional Chinese painting, creating a style of his own, a Xieyi expressionism. Among his numerous series, Peach Blossom most vividly illustrates the artist's dynamic and compelling unifying of Western expressionism and the Eastern literati spirit. In the Eastern tradition, peach blossoms signify femininity. They suggest grace, fertility, and desire. In Zhou's eyes, then, peach blossoms are intimately related to passion and romance. "Desire is a component of humanity, an innate impulse. More importantly, our feelings and desires toward sexuality express themselves with vitality, signifying a life in flourish."