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Joan Mitchell

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  • Joan Mitchell
  • Untitled
  • signed 
  • oil on canvas 
  • 20 x 17 inches


Stable Gallery, New York
Acquired from the above by the present owner in 1965


New York, Stable Gallery, Joan Mitchell, April - May 1965

Catalogue Note

"Mitchell's painting did not simply become the passive reflection of her emotional landscape but made its own demands on that landscape...As Pollock had responded to the vastness of the American West...Mitchell responded to the more contained landscape of the American Midwest and Vétheuil. Indeed, Vétheuil itself became part of Mitchell's culture more than Monet would. Though Mitchell and Monet shared its landscape, Monet's paintings are more about capturing that landscape and its changing light than are Mitchell's. Instead, her Vétheuil was merged with her Illinois. And her often wildly bristling strokes, and the concurrent need for the discipline of the canvas's grid, are in fact closer to van Gogh and Cézanne than to the structural looseness of Monet."
Klaus Kertess, Joan Mitchell, New York 1997, pp. 30-31