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Donald Judd

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  • Donald Judd
  • Untitled, 1987
  • anodized aluminium and acrylic sheet
    stamped with the artist's name, AG Menziken and 87-50 on the reverse
  • 25,4 x 101,6 x 25,4 cm; 10 x 40 x 10 in.


Peder Bonnier, New York
Private collection, Sweden
Pace Wildenstein, New York
Collection Jacques Grange, Paris (acquired from the above in May 2001)


Pierre Passebon, Jacques Grange, Paris, 2008, p.14, illustrated in colour

Catalogue Note

« A form, a volume, a colour, a surface exist in themselves. They should not be concealed as being only parts of a distinctly different whole." 

in Donald Judd, Ecrits (1963-1990), 1991 p. 27

With the work Untitled (Menziken 87-50), produced 7 years before his death, Donald Judd underlines the purity of the objects and materials for themselves, depriving them of all symbolic meaning. Since 1965 and his declaration of intention Specific Objects, the artist had established himself as the leading figure of minimal art. He embodies this aesthetic based on seriality, repetition and geometry. Aluminum, steel and Plexiglas carry this new minimalist ideal... Donald Judd controls light by taking volume beyond its limits and spreading it across space. Colour irradiates across all surrounding surfaces. It is materialized on the wall and merges aluminum with acrylic sheets. These new materials employed by the artist became the spearheads of the abolition of the traditional laws of representation and composition. Donald Judd deconstructed in order to invent a new vocabulary of forms and a new idea of art that is minimalist ... "the simple expression of a complex thought" (Donald Judd).