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Xuanye (Emperor Kangxi) 1654-1722

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  • Xuanye (Emperor Kangxi)
  • ink on satin, hanging scroll
with two imperial seals, yuan jian zhai, ji gu you wen zhi zhang
Inscription on mounting border with a dedication to Ji Yu (active early 18th century)


Acquired in Hong Kong between 1949-1970s and thence by descent

Catalogue Note

The Rende Zhai Collection was assembled between 1949-1970's in Hong Kong by Dr. Olaf K. Skinsnes (1917-1997), who was born in Henan in 1917 to medical missionaries. He had a distinguished career as a medical doctor and a professor at the Universities of Hong Kong, Chicago, Hawaii, and the Sun Yat Sen University of Medical Sciences in Guangzhou. His wife, Elizabeth Anderson Skinsnes, shared his love of Chinese art and culture, and they viewed the collection as a teaching instrument to spread the richness of Chinese culture and history through art. Dr. and Mrs. Skinsnes lived much of their life in China, and in 1992, the Chinese government awarded Dr. Skinsnes the Friendship Medal in recognition of his contributions.