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Kamal al-Din al-Farisi (d.1320 AD), Kitab tanqih al-manazir li dhawi al-absar wa’l-basair ('Book of Correction of Optics for those who have Sight and Mind'), Persia, Timurid, dated 899 AH/1494 AD

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  • ink on paper - bound manuscript
  • 17.5 by 10cm.
Arabic manuscript on paper, 99 leaves, 25 lines to the page, written in naskh script in black ink, important words picked up in red, few geometrical diagrams throughout, f.21a, 38b and 39a with 3 medical diagrams representing the eyes and their structure, in later brown leather binding

Catalogue Note

This rare volume presents an abridgment of several treatises connected with optics and the physics of the eye. In this work al-Farisi, pupil of the mathematician and physicist Qutb al-Din Shirazi (himself a pupil of the polymath Nasir al-Din al-Tusi), revised the 'Book on Optics' (Kitab al-manazir) of the great mathematician, astronomer, physicist and founder of experimental science Al-Hasan ibn Haytham (965-1041 AD), one of the leading Arabic scholars in the study of optics, known in medieval Europe by the Latin name 'Alhzen'.

Copies of this work can to be found in libraries in Cairo, Istanbul, Leiden, St. Petersburg and Tehran (see B.A. Rosenfeld – E. Ihsanoglu, Mathematicians, Astronomers & Other Scholars of Islamic Civilisation and their Works (7th – 19th C.), Istanbul, 2003, p.236, no.674. See also Brockelmann S.I. p.853; S.II. p.295).