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A prince holding a falcon, style of Muhammad Hasan, Persia, Qajar, circa 1820

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  • oil on canvas, framed 
  • 191 by 75cm.
oil on canvas, framed


Sotheby's, London, 27 April 1994, lot 107.

Catalogue Note

This fine portrait is painted in the style of Muhammad Hasan, one of the foremost portrait artists working during the period of Fath 'Ali Shah Qajar (r.1798-1834). Two of his most accomplished works were in the Amery Collection, now housed in the Negaristan Museum, Tehran, published by S.F. Falk, Qajar Paintings, London, 1972, nos.26 and 27.

The costume and accoutrements of the present prince match those of the second of the Tehran portraits quite closely. Although of similar height, the painting to hand is slightly narrower. The profile of the arched top has clearly been altered and it is possible, judging by the slightly cropped lower part of the robe, that the sides were reduced at the same time.