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Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Rahman Khatib al-Dimashqi al-Qazwini, Talkhis al-miftah, a summary of Part III of Al-Sakkaki's (d.1228-29 AD) Miftah al-ulum, on rhetoric, copied by Sharaf al-Samarqandi al-'Arabi, Jazira, Western Persia or Anatolia, dated 733 AH/1332-33 AD or 738 AH/1337-38 AD

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  • INK ON PAPER, bound
Arabic manuscript on paper, 70 leaves, plus 4 fly-leaves, 12 lines to the page, written in naskh script in black ink, keywords in red, copious marginal notes and ownership seal impressions on the first fly-leaves, in later dark grey leather binding, with flap

Catalogue Note

This is probably the earliest recorded copy of al-Qazwini's Talkhis al-miftah as it was written during the end of his lifetime. Seven copies of this work are recorded, the earliest dated 1022 AH/1613-14 AD and now in the British Library (P. Stocks and C. Baker (ed.), 2001, p.295, K.3). Another copy of this work, dated 958 AH/18 July 1551 AD, is in the Chester Beatty Library (Arberry 1962, p.146, no.4451). See also Brockelmann: GAL, I. 295; suppl. I. 516.