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A collection of works including al-Bukhari (d.1184-85 AD), Al-bidaya min al-kifaya, a summary of Al-kifaya fi’l-hidaya, the author’s own treatise on the principles of Islamic theology, Jazira, Anatolia or Mesopotamia, dated 703 AH/1303-04 AD

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  • INK ON PAPER, bound
Arabic manuscript on paper, 60 leaves, 17 lines to the page, written in naskh script in black ink with titles in thuluth script, marginal notes throughout, with three colophons dated 701-3 AH (1301-04 AD), leather binding with applied marbled papers

Catalogue Note

This manuscript appears to be a collection of different works, which was later bound together. Along with Al-bidaya min al-kifaya, by Nur-al-Din Ahmad ibn Mahmud al-Sabuni al-Bukhari , which bears a colophon dated 703 AH/1303-04 AD, this volume includes two poems, one by by al-Marghinani (d.1197 AD) entitled Al-nuniya, whose colophon reports a date of 701 AH/1301-02  AD and one so far unrecorded and entitled Lisan al-‘uqul fi mabani al-usul, copied in 702 AH/1302-03 AD.

A contemporaneous copy of Al-bidaya min al-kifaya, dated 701 AH/1301 AD, is in the Chester Beatty Library (Arberry 1958, p.41, no.3599). See also Brockelmann: GAL, I. 375; suppl. I. 643.