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Abdullah ibn ‘Umar ibn Muhammad al-Badawi (d.1286-87 AD), Anwar al-tanzil wa asrar al-ta’wil, a commentary on the Qur’an, probably Persia or Iraq, Timurid, late 14th/early 15th century

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  • ink on paper, bound
Arabic manuscript on paper, 307 leaves, plus 2 flyleaves, 23 lines to the page, written in small black naskh script, keywords picked out in red, catchwords, copious marginal glosses throughout in various hands, numerous loose paper slips with various annotations and inscriptions, f.1a with an illuminated frontispiece in colours and gold giving title and author in large white thuluth script, following page with illuminated heading with bismillah in gold thuluth script, Mamluk binding with pressure-moulded doublures and tooled and punched geometric decoration, with flap


Seal impression of a certain Ibrahim ibn Muhammad, late 15th-early 16th century.

Catalogue Note

This commentary on the Qur'an, popularly known as Tasfir al-Badawi, is al-Badawi's major work, the earliest copy recorded is in the British Library and is dated 895 AH/1498 AD (P. Stocks and C. Baker, 2001, pp.13-14, no.A.3.). Other copies are in the Chester Beatty Library (Arberry 1962, nos.4052, 4188 and 4207) and in the John Rylands Library (Mingana 1934, p.57, no.60). See also Brockelmann: GAL, I. 417; suppl. I. 738.