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Sohrab Sepehri

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  • Sohrab Sepehri
  • Untitled 
  • signed and dated Sepheri. 71
  • oil on canvas 


Litho Gallery, Tehran
Collection of the Moghtader Family, Tehran
Thence by Descent 

Catalogue Note

Modern Iranian master Sohrab Sepehri was mainly known as a semi-abstract painter who addressed subjects in nature, particularly trees.  Many of his works were based on a natural view as a starting point which, while serving as an initial inspiration, would lead to something quite independent and original that was expressive of that moment's feelings and understanding - quite far removed from the point of origin. At one particular time in his career, Sepehri turned to purely abstract painting, creating fresh works with the aid of geometrical figures in which squares are increasingly used. As this was a short-lived period, paintings from this series are quite rare and hard to find. Sotheby's is especially pleased therefore to present this oil on canvas Cubist abstract composition dating from 1971, which combines a beautiful palette of warm and cool colours that divide and define the visual field in Sepehri's trademark style - namely, a concentration in one corner of the visual field, drawing the eye across the work to balance one set of information against the other. Like many of his other paintings, this composition has a quiet and serene quality emanating from its simplifed forms where distillation and reduction brings a Zen-like meditation to it. As he was never directly a follower of Cubism, it would be incorrect to classify him as a painter of that genre at any time in his career; however, the cube as a defining shape, a perfect geometric component within the natural order of the universe, was a passing preoccupation for him. This work is a superb example of this preoccupation.