Lot 627
  • 627

Nawa Kohei

600,000 - 800,000 HKD
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  • Nawa Kohei
  • Trans Project in Collaboration with T.O.P
  • plastic figure and glass


This is a commissioned work created especially for #TTTOP. The artist has generously agreed to donate a significant share of the hammer price of this lot to the Asian Cultural Council in addition to the portion of profits that Sotheby’s donate for all lots in this auction.

Catalogue Note

Transform with T.O.P

TRANS Project in Collaboration with T.O.P (Lot 627) offers the successful buyer a rare opportunity to commission a unique work executed by Nawa Kohei in an exclusive collaboration with T.O.P. The commissioned work will be of the comparable overall character, material and finish as the work entitled Trans-T.O.P (2013), illustrated on the opposite page, a previous commission by T.O.P for his personal art collection. 3D sculptures, both life-sized and half-sized, form part of Nawa's acclaimed and technologically cutting-edge TRANS sculpture series. Involving 3D-scanning and a special computer technique called "texture mapping", Nawa's distinctive TRANS sculptures feature human forms that are morphed, distorted and manipulated into fluid metallic three-dimensional surfaces with a glimmering technicoloured finish. Uncanny, mesmerising and otherworldly, the sculptures constitute forms from a parallel universe.

The buyer of this lot will be invited to select the person subject of the commission, be it the buyer herself/himself or another person. The pose as well as the final colours and textures of the work will be determined by Nawa in his artistic discretion, in collaboration with T.O.P. and in consultation with the buyer. The dimensions of the sculpture will be agreed with the buyer, subject to the limitations of the technical process and dependent on the artistic concept. The subject of the commission will be 3D-scanned in Tokyo, Japan. The cost of the scanning and production of the work is included in the purchase price. The costs of travel to the scanning location in Tokyo by the person subject of the commission, any associated costs and the costs of packing and shipping (including transit insurance and any applicable import taxes and duties) of the finished work to the buyer's chosen destination will be borne by the buyer. The scanning and production schedules will be agreed between the buyer, Nawa and T.O.P. The scanning shall take place before the end of April 2017 and the final work is expected to be finished and ready for collection by the buyer in Tokyo within 12 months of the final plan for the work being approved and agreed (the duration of planning phase is dependent on the collaboration of all parties and the artistic process), unless otherwise agreed with the artist. Please note in the Condition of Business for Buyers, conditions 7 (c), (i) and (ii) concerning Payment and Collection and condition 9 (a) and (b) concerning Failure to Collect Purchases on page 175 do not apply to the sale of this work.