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  • Invader
  • Rubik Tony Montana
  • Signed, titled and dated 2007 on the reverse
  • Rubik's cubes on perspex panel


Lazarides Gallery, London
Acquired from the above by the present owner

Catalogue Note

“This is the most addictive game I have ever played,” Invader said in 2011 about his art practice of ‘invading’ public spaces with his signature mosaics. The artist began this practice in the late 1990s, plastering mosaics inspired by the 1978 Atari game Space Invaders on the streets of Paris.
Later featuring Pac-Man ghosts, other popular 8-bit characters as well as interpretations of iconic images (the Mona Lisa), Space Invader’s works soon became instantly recognizable worldwide as part of his plan to invade every country on the globe. Other projects produced with this mission in mind include, for example, a mosaic sent into space in 2012 attached to a helium balloon equipped with a radio camera or another work that appeared on the underwater sculptures of Jason de Caires Taylor near Cancun, Mexico.
His gallery pieces feature a staple series, which the artist calls Aliases. These are replica mosaics set in Perspex accompanied by a certificate detailing the placement of the original. He has also used Rubik's Cube toys to create pixelated portraits of movie anti-heroes, album art, and famous music photography, plus more esoteric subjects such as French anarchist Florence Rey.
Invader is also known for producing hobby-level products for his fans and for featuring heavily in the 2010 Oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.