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Lee Man Fong

320,000 - 450,000 HKD
525,000 HKD
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  • Lee Man Fong
  • Two Rabbits
  • signed and stamped with two seals of the artist
  • oil on Masonite board


Acquired directly from the artist

Catalogue Note

Lee Man Fong’s animal paintings are highly regarded for merging Chinese compositions and aesthetics with Western oil painting techniques. The poeticism that is found in Eastern works is evident throughout the artist’s oeuvre. In Chinese the saying “hao shi cheng shuang”, which means that good things come in pairs applies to the present painting.

The present work Rabbits is reflective of the artist’s Asian heritage. Graceful and innocent the two rabbits are bathing in the sunlight shrouded by the mist. The use of perspective suggests a sense of depth emphasizing the dreamlike quality of the landscape. Lee Man Fong has captured the soul and sprit of the adorable creatures in the painting. 

Rabbits in ancient Chinese folks were also regarded as guardians of moon, and who accompany the immortal moon goddess to help make the elixir of longevity. The Chinese saying, “dong ru tuo tu”, which means Quick as a Fleeing Bunny, is a compliment for people who are adroit both physically and intellectually. The painting Rabbits is a reminiscent of Lee Man Fong’s Chinese origin, where animals are respected as the incarnation of human spirits and deities.