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Lee Man Fong

320,000 - 450,000 HKD
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  • Lee Man Fong
  • Ducks
  • signed and stamped with two seals of the artist
  • oil on Masonite board


Acquired directly from the artist

Catalogue Note

Lee Man Fong is a pioneering artist and internationally acclaimed for his unique style of incorporating both Western and Eastern aesthetics in his work. This artistic marriage between the two cultures infuses his oeuvre with vitality, especially evident in animal and landscape paintings.

The present work Ducks showcases Lee Man Fong’s skill with the Western tradition of oil painting within a composition inspired by Asian aesthetics. Animals are a rarity within Lee's works, making the piece at hand - a detailed study of ducks - all the more valuable. Lee has focused on depicting the feathers and color of the birds as accurately to life as possible, and the background is absent of distraction, save for finely painted plants. This piece is an unusual, yet classically recognizable part of Lee Man Fong's body of work.