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Walasse Ting

200,000 - 300,000 HKD
300,000 HKD
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  • Walasse Ting
  • Woman with a Parrot
  • stamped with a seal of the artist
  • acrylic on paper
  • 178.5 by 97.5 cm; 70 1/4  by 38 1/4  in.

Catalogue Note

Walasse Ting was known for his vivacious charm and his admiration for women, flowers, and animals. His oeuvre embraced these motifs with great enthusiasm, and the present piece Lady with a Parrot alludes to his romance with color. The Chinese-born artist’s vibrant paintings blended Abstract Expressionism with Pop Art aesthetics. He also merged Chinese calligraphic brushstrokes with bright acrylic paints that endowed the works with an exciting vitality and force.

The subject matter of the present lot is a slight break away from his other female-inspired compositions, for the woman is reminiscent of a Tang Dynasty courtesan, rather than the amorous nudes that frequented his oeuvre. Lady with a Parrot portrays a graceful Chinese woman holding an emerald fan, accompanied by a blue parrot. They are shown standing together in a quiet sense of unity. The single flower blossom represents the artist’s heart, for he was known to refer to himself as the “flower thief” throughout his career. Golden yellow hues dominate the composition, as the woman shines like a ray of sunlight, enveloping the audience with her warmth.