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Walasse Ting

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  • Walasse Ting
  • Lady with Flowers 
  • stamped with the seal of the artist
  • acrylic on paper
  • 48 by 36.5 cm; 18 3/4  by 14 1/4  in. 

Catalogue Note

A prodigious individual, Walasse Ting left China in the early days of the revolution and successfully made his mark in the international scene.

Influenced by the minimalist nature of French art and the Pop art style from New York, Walasse Ting amalgamated diverse schools of art to formulate his own style. With simple outlines coupled with vibrant, fluorescent colors, Ting brings to life his favorite subjects: women and flowers. To him, women and flowers are akin to one another, evoking a spiritual sentiment of melancholy and love. Fascinated by these subjects, Ting once embarked on a trip to Amsterdam in 1987 for the sole purpose of painting models with flowers.

Lady with Flowers encapsulates Ting’s artistic style, emphasizing neon tones over ornate details. The playful yet sensual pose of the lady reflects Ting’s vision, one in which women are carefree and sanguine. The flowers complement his subject, adding a refreshing sentiment.

Stamping off his creations with the mandarin phrase ‘采花大盗’ or ‘flower thief’ in English, Ting subsumes his adulation for both women and flowers in a single phrase, as this particular term for flower connotes blooming flowers and serves as an elegant metaphor for his beautiful female muses. An artist who reportedly languished in the depths of loneliness during his time in New York, Ting nonetheless found solace in his creations, painting effervescent and spirited masterpieces, patently establishing art as an avenue towards salvation.