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Two Fragments from Romanesque Patristic Manuscripts, in Latin [France, c.1100 and early 12th century]

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  • ink on vellum
(a) partial leaf, 160x295mm, vellum, 2 columns each of 19/20 surviving lines, with parts of Jerome’s Letter to a Mother and Daughter Living in Gaul, Epistola 117:8-10, formed into a wallet with a pouch, darkened and creased; (b) single leaf, 285x205mm, vellum, 31 lines, 215x145mm, containing part of Ps-Augustine, De vita Christiana, ch.11–13, margins folded to form a book-wrapper, slightly stained, darkened and partly worn on the outer face, with a few small holes

These are handsome examples of Romanesque script, surely from the libraries of French monasteries.