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The Crucifixion, full-page miniature on one of two facing leaves from a Book of Hours, in Latin [southern Netherlands (Bruges), c.1460-70]

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  • manuscript and pigment on vellum
two leaves, 114x79mm, vellum, with a miniature and the beginning of the Hours of the Cross, 17 lines, 70x42mm, some pigment loss in the sky

Catalogue Note

From the collection of Suzanne Spitz Bloomenstiel, daughter of Joel & Maxine Spitz (the previous owners of the Spitz Hours, Getty Museum, MS 57), thence by decent.

The subtle semi-grisaille illumination is characteristic of the work of the MILDMAY MASTER, named after the Book of Hours owned by the English Mildmay family (Chicago, Newberry Library, MS 35; see N. Rogers, Books of Hours Produced in the Low Countries for the English Market in the Fifteenth Century, M.Litt., University of Cambridge, 1982). An associate of Willem Vrelant, one of the most influential illuminators in Bruges in the third quarter of the 15th century, the Mildmay Master collaborated with Vrelant on commissions for the Duke of Burgundy and members of his court. The use of grey and silver, notably for the large initial and some of the acanthus leaves, corresponds with the semi-grisaille of the miniature, a technique that was very fashionable at the Burgundian Court. These attractive leaves come from the same Book of Hours as another, more rubbed, opening depicting the Nativity, sold in our rooms, 8 December 2015, lot 38.